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he vast ▓plain

of Esdraelon, walled by moun▓tain ranges that seemed innumerabl●e leagues away.The route crawled ▓along the top of the western wall, choke▓d here between two mountain spurs, breat▓hing freely there on a tiny plateau, and, r▓ounding at last a gigantic bo●ulder, burst into Nazareth. A mere village▓ in the time of Christ,

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    viewed from a distance, takes ▓on the for

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    eatre.In the arena of the ▓circus, a teem

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    abbling bazaar, I endeav

    ored▓ in vain to find the dentist Kawar t

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▓o whom my

letter was addressed.W▓hen my legs grew aweary of wan●dering through the labyrinth and my tong●ue refused longer to d

eform itself in attempts ▓to reproduce the peculiar sound●s of the Arabic language, I

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sat down on a conven▓ient and conspicuous bazaar st